Accounts and book-keeping

Catalyst Collective can prepare accounts to the financial standards required by law. We do not provide a full audit service, but can do a lay audit if the co-op would find this helpful.

We prefer to work by training you do your own book-keeping, so you can save money by doing as much of the work as possible yourself. We can also do book-keeping contracts, to take over some of the mundane administration, if you find this helpful.

We are happy to train people in finance basics and using the free GNUcash software to keep their finances straightforward and in order.

Preparing accounts is highly variable in costs, depending on how well prepared your books are. Most of our recent work has cost co-ops less than £300, and many have been under £200 pounds. We charge a minimum of £140 for the first up to six hours of work, after that charge only for the time we spend supporting you and preparing accounts, so you should always be getting good value for the work done.

We recommend you give us at least two months before your filing deadline, to make sure we can complete in good time.

Training elements of accounts work can be done remotely through Jitsi, a free software alternative to Skype.

If you have any questions about accounts and book-keeping contact