If you have specific projects you’re working on, or are thinking about starting a co-operative, or need to learn specific skills around finance, setting up a co-op or anything else related, we may be able to help.

We have developed and run training on:

  • introductory to finance for housing co-ops
  • GnuCash and basic book-keeping
  • financial literacy
  • governance, roles and responsibilities
  • purchasing and managing property for housing co-ops
  • finding out the needs of the people you work with

We are happy to tailor training to your needs, and run one to one or larger group sessions. We love it when lots of co-ops get together and invite us somewhere to do a training to a lot of people.

Training can often be offered using Jitsi or, which are Free Software alternatives to Zoom, Teams or Skype.

We are happy to develop new training to meet your needs as an group, get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to work with us on. We can also help facilitate meetings on business planning, financial projections, or digging through your accounts looking for problems.

For more information on training contact