Housing co-op registration

Catalyst Collective administers the Radical Routes Fully Mutual 2014 rules (RRFM14) on behalf of Radical Routes.

These rules are

  • fully mutual – all members are tenants and all tenants are members
  • common ownership – individuals are not able to profit directly from the co-op, and the assets of the co-op can only be sold or given to other common ownership organisations
  • par value – each member has a one pound non refundable share, that is always valued at one pound
  • protected from carpet bagging – certain rules can only be changed if agreed by Radical Routes, so that the common ownership rules can’t be changed further down the line to let individuals profit from the sale of a house
  • consensus based – where possibly decisions can be made by consensus rather than voting, although certain decisions have to be carried by votes for legal reasons
  • ready for conflict – the rules include guidance for mediation and arbitration when there is difficulties in the house, with strict rules for removing people from the co-op

It currently costs £375 to register a co-op with these rules. This includes the FCA fees and any advice and support you need around setting up. This price helps us offer free advice to groups who don’t necessarily end up registering. We also divert any excessive profit back to Radical Routes.

The RRFM14 rules are available for review.

Other housing co-op support documents (for membership, loanstock, tenancies and financial planning) are also available.

If you have any questions about setting up a housing co-op contact verity@catalystcollective.org