RRFM14 housing co-op rules

The RRFM14 (Radical Routes Fully Mutual 2014) housing co-op model rules are a template set of model rules registered with the FCA. We think they are the best rules for creating a fully mutual housing co-operative in common ownership and managed by general meeting. The rules were written by Radical Routes and they hold a copyright on them. They are registered with the FCA with Catalyst as a sponsoring body. This means you need the permission of Radical Routes/Catalyst Collective to use or adapt these rules. However it also means that we can register you with these rules for £375 instead of the full FCA fee for a new set of rules of £900. If you’re interested in registering, get in touch with us via verity@catalystcollective.org

We’ve got the rules up here so that people can check and review them and decide if they’re right for them. But if you want to use or adapt them, please get in touch as you need our permission.

Note that some of the ‘delete as appropriate’ items are related to differences between laws in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and we’ll delete as appropriate for you when you register.

Other housing co-op support documents (for membership, loan stock, tenancies and financial planning) are also available.