Housing co-op support documents

Model documents

These documents are all provided in open document format, some are also in PDF. They can be modified to suit your purposes, although not reused for profit without permission. We are not qualified to give legal advice so cannot make guarantees about their usefulness.

Contact us for guidance on loanstock and administration.

The RRFM14 housing co-op rules are also available for review.

Cashflow spreadsheet for financial planning

This spreadsheet was produced by Radical Routes in collaboration with Catalyst Collective. It is provided in an open document format (.ods) and in MS Excel format (.xlsx). We encourage the use of LibreOffice Calc and of the .ods version for the best experience with this spreadsheet.

Training and support

If you need a visit to go through your finances, or are looking for training in financial literacy for housing co-ops, please contact us at info@catalystcollective.org

We are happy to come to you for a reasonable price, plus transport costs (usually from West Yorkshire).